TANTRIC SUMMER RETREAT 10 - 14 June 2020, Skeppsudden

in Kurser

A Tantric Summer Retreat For Singles and Couples
Wednesday 24th – Sunday 28th June 2020
Skeppsudden – Fridens Lustgård, Stockholm Area
with Aurora & Conrad

WARM WELCOME to Tantric Summer Retreat 2020, our third in Skeppsudden. 5 days of delightful and life-enriching journey into the world of Tantra. A unique opportunity to share, discover and deepen yourself into new insights and experiences. Our retreat is guided by Aurora & Sahajananda and few guest teachers in the amazing countryside facilities of Skeppsudden.
The tantric theme of the 2020 retreat will be announced soon!
What is going to happen?
• Inspiring lectures based on wisdom aiming to bring awareness and light to our experiences
• Experiences with creative and interactive exercises for awakening the senses, our energies & consciousness
• forms of meditation practice
• Power Polarity Yoga - a revolutionary form of yoga practised in pairs, enhancing attraction and radiance
• Guidance into sacred heart meetings & special insights in the World of Tantra
• Ecstatic dance & conscious awakening of sublime sensuality
• Quality Holiday Time: Sharing moments & togetherness in nature and the warm ambience of Skeppsudden
Tantric Summer Retreat in Skeppsudden
Tantra is all about awakening. Awakening to life and to the beauty around us, awakening the senses and to the countless facets of joy and superior pleasures, awakening our consciousness in a dauntless lucid abandonment into any opportunity life is offering us, awakening to ourselves and to each other in natural heart presence.
Throughout the retreat there will be space to eat, enjoy and laugh together; space to create trust, intimacy and romantic connections; and there will be guidance into beautiful meetings & insights into the tantric teachings. The tantric theme of the 2020 retreat will be announced soon!
A Life Awakening Experience Based On The Science Of Tantra
In this retreat, we aim to create a perfect blend of holiday & transformative heart work. Thus Skeppsudden Awakening Experience is offering you a chance to share knowledge, to open up to the new, to embrace the old, to courageously meet life-transformations, to explore sensuality in the light of full awareness and to surrender to love´s breath-taking gifts of connecting to others and to your inner source of happiness.
Surrender What You Are, To Find What You Could Become
By consciously engaging in the perpetual forces of life, you will have the chance to enter the common energetic field of the community, which we will create together. It will allow you to engage in a playful and spontaneous way in the activities of the retreat, to open up to your inner resources and enhance your vital, sensual and energetic experience, as well as your subtle awareness and feeling of yourself.
♥ Should I bring my partner? Can I go alone?
The retreat is designed for both singles & couples. The entire program and all its activities are guided so you will meet and mingle with all the other participants. We aim to have an approximately equal number of each gender to create the optimal experience for everybody.
You can come as a single or as a couple. As long as you are open to participating in the activities you will have a great time. All exercises are invitations and of course, nobody has to do anything they don't feel to do. Everybody is setting their own inner and outer boundaries, which will be mutually respected. There might be activities during the retreat, which suggest intimacy, but these are in the same way optional and according to your personal inclinations. This event will be kept in a safe and harmonious environment.
Once again, a WARM WELCOME to our Tantric Summer Life Retreat and an open invitation for 5 days of spiritual holiday & heart work in a natural and relaxed unfolding of life's essence and fullness. We look forward to sharing and awakening with you.
Warm Wishes,
Aurora & Conrad,
Your Tantric Summer Life Guides
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Aurora Georgijevic
Aurora has practised yoga and tantra for the last 16 years and is a certified yoga and tantra teacher within AIFYM. A deep interest in health, awakening and personal development led her in an early stage of life to various spiritual teachings and further on to a university degree in Science of Public Health. Discovering tantra, she became deeply fascinated by the practical and all-embracing attitude of the tantric teachings, of applying and discovering this wisdom in daily life. Tantra helped her to discover that ecstasy is not reserved for special occasions, but can be unlocked in every aspect of life. Her teaching style is playful, honest&direct, full of wisdom, enthusiasm and deep love for the tantric tradition. For the last 8 years, Aurora has been the coordinator for a flourishing Yoga Centre and is currently teaching in Natha Yoga Centre in both Malmö & Stockholm. She is teaching courses in yoga, tantra, tantra for women and arranging various events, workshops, retreats and festivals. She is also the coordinator of Tantrafestival in Sweden. Her soul ambition in this life is to passionately spread the message of the transforming power of love and to make the wisdom teachings accessible to as many people as possible.
Teacher in Nath Gothenburg, Natha Oslo and Färjås Yoga Retreat Centre
Ivana Georgijevic
Is our morning goddess yoga teacher in our retreat. In her everyday schedule she is running our yogacenter in Malmø together with her sister. She also an incredible pleasant person to be around and a good shoulder to cry on, when life is unfair lol <3 :)
Practical Details
Program of the retreat:
Check in Wednesday 24th June: 16.00 - 18.00
• The program of the retreat begins around 18.00 on Wednesday 10th June and ends around 16.00 on Sunday 14th June.
• The program will contain morning, afternoon and evening sessions and include time for resting, individual practice, walks in nature, bathing, using the sauna and enjoying the wonderful togetherness around the meals.
SUPER EARLY BIRDS (UNTIL 1st MARCH): 2375 / 2075 kr. (members)
EARLY BIRDS (UNTIL 31st MAY ): 2775 / 2375 kr. (members)
PRICE IN JUNE (IF MORE PLACES AVAILABLE): 3175 / 2775 kr. (members)
• ACCOMMODATION & FOOD: 2500 kr. is paid CASH directly to Skeppsuddens Kursgård at arrival for food and accommodation.
• The retreat fee is transferred to Natha Yogacenter via swish 1233397171 or bankgiro 785-7162. It has to be CLEARLY MARKED WITH "SKEPPSUDDEN + YOUR NAME + YOUR EMAIL" as your final confirmation for your participation. Afterwards, you will receive a WELCOME LETTER which is also your confirmation, that we registered your payment.
• As we have LIMITED PLACES available, please make your payment as soon as possible to secure your place. Access is based on first appearances of the payments.
• Cancellation policy: After the payment has been done we will refund 75 % of the fee until 1 month before the event after that refund is not possible.
Accommodation & food in Skeppsudden
• Your stay includes nice fresh-made vegetarian food (3 meals/day) and accommodation in cosy shared sleeping rooms in Skeppsudden. For accommodation in a single room with double bed there is an additional fee. You may get an invoice if you want.
• Please contact Skeppsudden directly if you have any special requirements concerning accommodation or food. If for example, you want to secure yourself in a single room or a double room for you and your lover/spouse, or if you have food preferences for gluten-free, vegan or other wishes.
• Claes Nordenskjöld, Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.,
Mobil: +4670 22 11 434
• Adress: Skeppsuddens Kursgård, Järstad - Östra Stenby, 610 32 Vikbolandet
When you sign up we will also forward you the info letter from Skeppsudden where you get more detailed information and contact to make special requests. You are also very welcome to stay one day before and after the event just to enjoy the beautiful nature there.
Getting there
• On the website of Skeppsudden, you find all relevant information about getting there: http://www.skeppsudden.com/hitta-hit.html Please note that you will get picked up at the local station if you choose to go by public transport.
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Tantra & Sacred Sensuality
The body is a temple offering us an enormous potential of energetic experiences. We can explore it consciously through a great variety of touch, energy games, sensorial experiences or just a simple lucid awareness upon the breathing. There are infinite ways to awaken through tantra when first you know the basic methodology. It is kind of inborn in us and many today even call it ‘human technology’.
Tantra & The Heart
At the heart of any spiritual celebration is always the spirit.It is the spiritual heart connection, which truly makes us feel connected. The body, its senses and magnificent aliveness of vibrant energies are offering us a great variety of possibilities to connect with each other and with ourselves, to offer pleasure to each other and experience pleasure in our own being, to offer loving presence and to experience love. Our Summer Retreat is an experience happening simultaneously inside and outside ourselves.
Edited by Dakini, 26 May 2020


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