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Tantra, Meditation och Yoga intensivkurser, varje vecka, 2 timmar per gång
1 månad: 750:-
3 månader: 1850:-  för Tantra/Yoga Intensive nybörjarkurs: 13 sep – 31 dec (3.75 månader): 2150 kr
6 månader: 3100 :- för Tantra/Yoga Intensive nybörjarkurs: 13 sep – 31 mar (6.75 månader): 3350  kr
12 månader: 5400 :-

Rabatter för deltagande i de kontinuerligt pågående kurserna:

  •  Deltagande i 2 kontinuerliga kurser: 100 kr rabatt per månad
  • Student- och Familjerabatt (2 eller fler familjamedlemmar): 30% rabatt på ordinarie pris per 1 månad
  • 25% rabatt på Tantra for Women om man också går Tantra eller Yoga Intensivkurs.
  • Du kan bara erhålla en typ av rabatt samtidigt.

Valid from 1st of August 2017 in Stockholm

About membership and participation

In the following you find everything you need to know to participate in our courses and to become member of Natha Yogacenter in Stockholm. We offer a range of profound and intensive courses in yoga, tantra, meditation and ayurveda. The weekly classes are at the heart of the yoga center, which is the hub of an active and pulsating social life.  We look upon our work as one of transmitting an authentic and genuine teaching of yoga, tantra and spirituality, helping everyone to develop in concordance with individual needs and wishes.  Beside the daily teachings, we organize a great variety of events, lectures, workshops and retreats all year round, which give you and your friends the opportunity to learn more about our spiritual system.

As an active member you can easily become part of the social environment and participate in all the activities you want. Since Natha Yoga center is a voluntary and popular association, your active participation in the teaching and around it makes an important difference; both for you and for the school. As member of Natha Yogacenter and participant to the courses, you receive (most courses) weekly written material, which helps you to easily work in a systematic way with the new information and practical techniques, which you receive in the class. It is up to you if you want to become a member or just  participate, when you sign up for a course. Our intensive courses start every year in September, and are open for new participants until 7 months after start.

As a member you also have a number of other advantages:

  • You can participate in all classes on the same level as your own (or on lower levels) in both Stockholm, the rest of the country – as well as in many other countries - based on free spaces.
  • You can participate in certain special events for a special membership price or without charge.
  • You have free entrance to meditations, and selected activities.
  • You have the opportunity to do voluntary work for the yoga center and help out with various tasks connected with the teachings. On inquiry we will teach you about karma yoga, and the excellent method of this discipline to integrate your daily actions into a spiritual and tantric practice.

About Sign up & Payments

  • To sign up for our courses, workshops & retreats, all you need to do is to fill out the sign up form, and make your first payment. Please make sure to pay and register before joining the class.
  • All continuous courses, workshops and retreats are paid to Bank Giro Bankgiro 785-7162, Natha Yoga Stockholm
  • You can choose to pay every month or for a longer period at once.
  • At delayed payment (after the 3rd in the month) or at refusal of the automatic transfer through Bank Giro you will be charged a fee of 50 kr every time.
  • About your first payment: When you join a course, which already started, you pay an initial fee to be updated with the course material. The fee is 25 kr. pr. class not attended (max 300 SEK) and is obligatory. Your first payment will thus include payment for the rest of the month and the following month and the initial fee for catching up with the material that was already taught in the course, as explained above.
  • Workshops and retreats have to be paid latest 10 days before the event begins. When we have received your payment, we send you an email with a confirmation, and practical information about the event.
  • Payments are reimbursed at resignation latest 10 days before the event starts, with the deduction of an administrative fee of 20 % of the amount. After this point payments are not reimbursed.

About participation

  •     We do not offer you a free try-out lesson in our courses, but require as a minimum one month sign up.. Instead we keep frequently introduction seminars for those who want a taste of tantra and yoga.
  • When you have signed up for one of our courses, you will receive a membership card/receipt for participation, which always must be shown with valid stamp before the class begins.
  • Every month, after your payment is registered (around the 10th of the month), you receive a stamp in the reception or by the teacher. If you lose your membership card for participation a new one costs 100 kr.
  • It is the responsibility of the participant always to be able to show valid documentation for payment on request. The participant should therefore always make sure to receive a receipt for the payment.
  • If you are less than 20 years old you pay only half of the normal price. This is not valid for food & lodging.
  • In most of the continuous courses of Natha Yogacenter you receive written course material, and in depth guidance from your teacher in all exercises and techniques. The teaching aspires always towards authenticity.
  • If you are absent, you receive the distributed course material from the period of absence, and you have the possibility to consult the teacher for follow-up guidance.
  • As participant you can only have 15 absences from your course in one season (from 1st of September to 31st of August)in order to move to next level of the course.
  • You pay for the course, as long as you are subscribed, even if you are absent. In this way abuse of the courses, the material and the payment system is prevented. To unsubscribe, send an email to Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den. before the beginning of the month.
  • If you unsubscribe from a course and rejoin, you will be considered as a new member/new participant, and thus follow the instructions for payment when beginning the course. You will then begin on the level at which you reached or below.

Beside the above mentioned courses, there is a long list of activities (groups, events, workshops, retreats) in Natha Yogacenter all year round. Here our website www.natha.se you find the information for upcoming courses and events, or you can write us an email to Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den..

Sincerely welcome! We wish you an exceptional spiritual journey and time with us…

We reserve all rights for misprints, and changes in conditions, prices and program.

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