Advaitananda Stoian

Advaitananda Stoian is currently the senior coordinating teacher of Natha Yogacenter, Denmark.
Quantum physicist and scientific researcher Advaitananda’s teachings are genius in their scope and content. His relaxed yet witty and candid style combined with extraordinary insight and an unyielding spiritual aspiration make his presentations not only a profoundly revealing spiritual experience but also highly entertaining. During Advaitananda’s 20 years of teaching, people throughout the world have been graced by his presence; their lives deeply touched by his profound approach to the spiritual path, under the direct guidance of his beloved Master Gregorian Bivolaru.
Setting a new standard for the teaching of Yoga and Tantra by representing one of the most important spiritual schools of our time, MISA, while at the same time being a forerunner in the spiritual sexual revolution of our time – he helps people, both individually and collectively, through the conscious replacing of taboos with knowledge, the breaking down of barriers and overcoming of inhibitions related to different levels of existence.
Advaitananda’s exceptional seminars and workshops encompass a broad range of topics, bringing the ancient teachings of Tantra and Yoga to the modern world, uniting these traditional spiritual sciences with the discoveries of modern science, providing an authentic yet accessible path for today’s individual.
He is the coordinator and teacher of the Atman International Yoga Teacher Training Course which is a unique training course in our world today. Annually, a large number of enthusiastic, highly-qualified and well-prepared yoga teachers graduate from the course, at a time when the need for such teachers is at its highest.
Advaitananda teaches extensively throughout Europe, in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, UK, France, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic and Austria. He has also played an instrumental role in establishing spiritual schools and reawakening the Tantric path in South America and India. Visit his blog here

Sahajananda J. Porslund

Sahajananda has a great passion for the tantric path, of which he has a profound knowledge and practical insight. Since the birth of the millenia from an age of 21 he has been researching in the field of esoteric knowledge and the ancient spiritual traditions of the planet. He has combined his informative research work with an in depth practice of yogic and tantric methodologies and powerful tantric forms of meditation. He teaches Tantra from his personal experience and with great inspiration, humor, creativity and wisdom, which makes his classes to be deeply appreciated and transforming towards deeper self-knowledge. As a certified AIFYM teacher he is teaching courses and workshops in Tantra, Yoga and Meditation at Natha Yogacenter in Copenhagen and Stockholm, as well as at various festivals around Europe. He has been working as a freelance journalist and co-editor for alternative news media and as community builder. Right now he is working on his Master Thesis about Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred in Comparative Literature and Art Studies on Copenhagen University. He is also DJ as part of Eco Trance Plant Mystery project and host of the talkshow Copenhagen Conscious Talks.

About Aurora Georgevij
Aurora has practised yoga and tantra for the last 15 years and is a certified yoga and tantra teacher within Atman Federation. She was in an early stage deeply fascinated by the practical attitude in the tantric yogasystem, of applying and discovering the wise teachings of tantra in daily life. Her teaching style is playful, full of wisdom, enthusiasm and deep love for the tantric tradition. For the last 5 years, Aurora has been the coordinator for Natha Yoga Centre in Malmö, where she is teaching courses in yoga, tantra, tantra for women and arranging different events, workshops, retreats and festivals. She is also the coordinator of Tantrafestival in Sweden. Her soul ambition in this life is to passionately spread the message of the transforming power of love and to make the wisdom teachings accessible to as many people as possible.


About the founder and Spiritual Guide of Natha Yogacenter

Gregorian Bivolaru, also known as Grieg, is the spiritual guide of Natha Yoga center and the founder of MISA (the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute) in Romania. He was born on 12 March 1952, in Tartasesti, a small town outside of Bucharest, Romania. As a child, he often had recurring dreams of himself as a Tibetan Yogi with a very high spiritual level and accomplishments. In these dreams, he remembered many different yogic techniques, which he began to practice with amazing results. Amazing synchronicities linked the events in his dreams to those in his life. Gradually, Grieg learned to recognize the importance of these events, and put them into a meaningful and coherent system of fundamental spiritual truths. With this background, he was able to obtain many psycho-mental effects in a very short time, something which is considered to be paranormal- just by practicing on his own. All these experiments culminated when he was 19 years old, with a decisive breakthrough in which he attained the state of spiritual enlightenment. Simultaneously with these yogic experiments, he studied intensively the oriental wisdom texts, and in these texts he found many confirmations of the experiences he had while practicing Yoga. Grieg went deeper and deeper into the yogic practices and his study of the sacred yogic scriptures, as well as works by the more modern saints Such as Ramakrishna, Shivananda and Yogananda. He managed to achieve high results in all the techniques he came across.

He then built a western Yoga school, based on his own practical experience of the ancient methods of self-realization. He began teaching yoga in Bucharest in 1978, and from the very beginning, his Yoga was acknowledged to be revolutionary and extremely effective. He created a new era for Yoga practice in Romania (at that time Romanians knew very little about Yoga). He collaborated extensively with the Romanian Ministry of Health, and the Association of Psychosomatic Medicine in Bucharest, where he helped many to heal themselves from deadly diseases through Yoga practice. In a relatively short time, Grieg became the center of the intellectual elite in Romania, who immediately recognized the practical value of Yoga, and vigorously involved in Yoga practice under the direct guidance of Grieg. After a few years, the communist mentality that was against any form of organized (non-government) activity that teaches people to think for themselves, started resisting Grieg's activities in a violent way, and they were considered to be highly undesirable. The former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu banned Yoga classes, and generally all teachings with an oriental flavor (martial arts, transcendental meditation, acupuncture, etc..). This made ​​Romania the only country in the world that officially issued a law against all oriental practices of medicine and self-development (this law is not applicable today). Grieg continued to teach Yoga "underground", and in the following years he was supervised, robbed, arrested and tortured by the infamous 'Securitate' (the Romanian Secret Police), together with several of his students. Grieg spent almost 2 years in the Romanian prison – simply because he was a Yoga teacher. He spectacularly escaped the worst of these prisons (a maximum security prison in the heart of Bucharest) in protest, which gave rise to the stories of his extraordinary paranormal Yogic abilities, which he later confirmed.

After Romanians revolted against Ceausescu, the communist era ended in December 1989, and Yoga was again permitted. Grieg then founded MISA - the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute. The Romanians, who were thirsty for external and internal freedom, literally flocked to his courses and in a short time Grieg had thousands of students.As for the moment, MISA has more than 40,000 members, with branches in many countries around the world.