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Tantra for Women - Mini Course

with Aurora Georgijevic & Natalija Adi Kaur
At STORA SALEN , Hälsans Hus, Fjällgatan 23 B, Stockholm

Tantra for Women is a unique course aiming to help the modern woman to discover the specific state of Shakti in her being – fulfilling thus her destiny.
The course flows in a cosy and relaxed way, ancient teachings are combined with modern group exercises, meditations and tantric techniques, to create a loving sisterhood where happiness and fulfillment easily remove the taboos, inhibitions or stress.

The discovery of a true path for women is of great concern for the future of our personal and planetary well being. The healing, nurturing and awakening of the divine feminine is one of the greatest gifts we can receive. Through this, we offer future generations a harmonious world.

Awakening the Ecstatic Feminine Essence
1. Power of Shakti – what is the female potential and how can we use it for the inner transformation
2. The female sexual energy – learn how to awaken your sensuality and erotic power
3. Female sexual continence – learn how to master the sexual energy – techniques for control and elevation (sublimation) of the sexual energy
4. Tantra and Orgasm
5. Tantra and Sacred sexuality – the art of Tantric Lovemaking and Tantric attitudes to Sexuality
6. Tantra and the menstruation – methods for harmonizing and sublimating the menstrual cycle
7. The blossoming of the erotic power

The course will have both a theoretical and practical part, where the proportions will change from time to time. The content of the course will be adapted to the participants and the ambience of the group and will therefore not nessesarily strictly follow the points above. There will be sensual elements during some occasions, but everything will happen in a safe space where you decide your own boundaries and level of participation. There will be no erotic direct interaction between participants.



Teachers: Aurora Georgijevic and Natalija Adi Kaur


Dates in 2019 : COMING SOON



Price for the entire module: 1400 kr.

1200 kr students (with valid student id).

700 kr for women who attend the regular Tantra Intensive Course. This 50% off deal is only valid, if you are enrolled in the Tantra Course in the entire period.

Please note that we do not have trial lessons for this course, as we aim to create a safe space of sisterhood between the participants. There for you need to sign up to the entire module. If you have doubts about the content of the course or questions you are most welcome to ask us by email or phone. The course cannot be refunded once you have signed up.

We have limited amount of places and you sign up by paying the amount to our swish account.
See the bottom of the page.

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