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In-Depth Meditation Course - Beginners Module

Starting 2020 [In Swedish// På Svenska]


With Kristina Lindquist, Certified AIFYM yoga & meditation teacher

Introduction Workshop:  The course will start in the autumn. Date for the intro will be announced later.

Course Start-Up: The course will start in the autumn. Dates will be announced later.


Learn to meditate step by step: Our In-depth Meditation course runs over several modules. It is the base for anyone who wants to follow the path of meditation! Get deep insights into the mechanisms of the mind, mindfulness training, concentration, the basic steps of meditation and not the least in yourself. Try our intro-workshop or jump right into it.

Meditation is the foundation of all forms of personal development and the very root of all spiritual paths.

This course will help you to act extremely effectively, with inspiration and originality in everything you do, to unleash the fabulous natural potential that is otherwise in deep sleep with most. Step by step, you will be guided to master your mind, and through this, you will be able to master your entire life and improve your efforts in all areas of life. This will create the foundation for the true freedom of the heart.

Raise your highest potential:

  • Increased mental focus
  • Significant reduction of stress and a more relaxed attitude to life
  • Emotional stability and a steady joyful and optimistic attitude
  • Increased creativity, originality and confidence
  • Improved performance and efficiency

The course contains down-to-earth explanations of the mechanisms of the mind, and provides easily accessible practical methods for how we can benefit from these mechanisms.

Anything is possible for those who master their mind but not everything is allowed by the universal principles. Problems appear in various forms, challenges from every corner. Dreams arise from deep within promising success and future happy life. Regardless of what dreams or challenges life throughs at us, the only thing that can truly prepare us, is a strong centring within the deepest core of our being.
This requires training but once we understand and control the mechanisms of the mind, we have conquered the most extraordinary tool and finally, we are no longer a slave of agitation, indecisiveness, inefficiency, depressive emotions, confusion and lack of energy. In meditation we rest in the source of peace where we can regenerate instantly and contemplate true silence, filling us with genius ideas and creative solutions.

Did you know that:

  • Meditation is the key to success in modern self-development
  • Meditation is used as part of positive self-affirmation
  • Meditation is used as a development tool in management and career programs
  • Meditation can be used to develop your mental skills
  • Meditation silences your mind and gives you access to your higher consciousness centers
  • Meditation is the cornerstone of all kinds of mindfulness
  • Meditation performed along with visualization is the key to achieving your dreams
  • Meditation is used within the sports world to improve performance




Teachers: Kristina Lindquist

Introduction Workshop:  The course will start in the autumn. Date for the intro will be announced later.

Course Start-Up: The course will start in the autumn. Dates will be announced later.

Location: Spanda Yoga Sala, Sköldingevägen 26, 12540 Älvsjö (Close to Älvsjö Station and Örby Skola (Bus 165)

Language: Swedish



♥ Prices (for the entire beginners module - 12 times):
1800 kr. for the entire module (12 times)

1200 kr. for students (with valid student identity card such as csn card) AND participants who attend either the Yoga or Tantra course. (This deal is only valid, if you are enrolled in the courses in the entire period.)

Payment options:
Bankgiro: 785-7162
Swish: 1233397171
Cash to your teacher or our team.

We offer receipt if you would like to use the course as friskvård.

Please note: That we do not have trial lessons for this course. If you have doubts about the content of the course or questions you are most welcome to ask us by email or phone. The course cannot be refunded once you have signed up. Secure your place now! We have a limited amount of places. Your payment is your final sign-up confirmation.

Look forward to an amazing journey into the art of meditation with you ♥




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Here a little teaser of what meditation can do for you in your busy everyday life: