Tantra: the exotic root of yoga soon charms the capital

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Tantra Intensive Course with world renowned teacher in Stockholm from September

In the autumn all Stockholmers have the unique chance to meet one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teachers of tantra, as Natha Yogacenter will host Advaita and his Tantra Intensive Course in Hälsans Hus every thursday.

During the last decade yoga has risen out of the incense smoke of oriental mysticism to become one of the most popular and widespread leisure activities in the northern hemisphere. Some might still consider it as a sport or gymnastic referring to classes in the local fitness center or the neighborhood evening school; yet true connoisseurs of yoga knows that it is much

more than stretching and flexing the body limbs ;)

Only few are probably aware, that the yoga system actually springs from an even richer source of exotic wisdom known as tantra. The swedish household still has the pleasure in store to meet the spectacular and fascinating mother of all yogas. Soon they will have the chance, as she will charm the capital with a new tantra intensive course hosted by Natha Yogacenter!

Even more than yoga, the ancient teachings of tantra has shown a surprising adaptability to the cultural and religious leylines of societies. At a closer look according to many experts we find a 'tantric' reminiscence endowed in many teachings across the spiritual in heritage of our planet. Deeper and more intense practice of tantra is said to develop a spectacular control of the mind and the emotions; and even to open a mysterious gateway for a direct experience of our spirit.

"The Tantra Intensive Course offers the participants a base of tools and knowledge at hand giving them to enjoy life while thriving towards perfection. Tantra allows you to explore your spirit nature through direct methods of inner training, and thus to turn life itself into a joyous journey of self development and a continuous richness of novelty and discoveries" says Sahaj, organizer from Natha Yogacenter in Stockholm.

He continues: "As the teachings of energy work deriving from the East has become more and more popular and commercialized in the West, it is actually very difficult to find a system, which have kept intact the effectiveness significant to the original teachings. We often find that the transforming effect upon the human consciousness has been compromised for the sake of 'spiritual entertainment'. And far worse: that its most valuable in-depth core has been discarded as wrapping of consumerism, in the attempt to narrow down its unimaginable vast scope to a materially oriented mentality, which is dominating the West with a vast social scene of festivals, workshops and body to body exchange of fluids and energy."

"What our intensive courses bring into this scenario of new age spirituality is a completely different perspective which is neither ancient nor modern, western nor oriental, popular nor exclusive, but plain and simple a practical necessity for anyone who want to transform themselves and get the most out of this unique chance we call 'life'."

When the doors open on the 4th of September to the first introduction event to the Tantra Intensive Course in Hälsans Hus, it will be the author and developer of the course Advaita who will present it himself. According to the organizers from Natha, Advaita has engineered an exceptionally effective system of tantra courses regarding transformative practices and addressing amongst many other things the tantric practices of sacred intimacy and authentic inner growth.

"Meeting Advaita can be a exceptional experience! And for those who are open to receive an unyielding spiritual impulse in their lives, this might be the genuine chance they have been waiting for. He is the kind of person, who truly live by his own teachings. Not only in front of an audience but in every little detail of life. What he wish for with this intensive course here in Stockholm, is in fact to point to the teachings of tantra, which has provided for so many people in other places around the world an effective yet accessible path for today’s individual." explains the organizer.

"At the same time lets not get too stiff here, thats not the spirit of tantra at all! And Advaita is exactly showing how a relaxed yet witty and candid style combined with extraordinary insight and clarity, always marks the way in tantra," concludes Sahaj.

Advaitas Tantra Intensive Course is used as source text in many men's and women's groups around the world and is considered an important resource for spiritual transformation within many spiritual communities, ranging from sacred sexuality and tantric energy work, over awakening of deeper emotional and affective levels and the conscious exploration of the profound depth of human creativity and vast possibilities of our mental capacities to ground breaking experiences of inner spiritual self recognition.

Meet him and the rest of the Natha team based in Stockholm on 18th of September kl 20.00 - 21.45 in Hälsans Hus, when Nathas free introduction workshop to the Tantra Intensive Course takes place.

Event: Tantra in Natha - every journey begins with a first step
A Free Introduction workshop to the Tantra Intensive Course

Content: This Tantra workshop offers a great opportunity to gain a first hand experience of the joy and excitement of the path of Tantra, as taught in Natha's Tantra Intensive Course. An exciting pick into the wonders of this journey.

Access: Free workshop. All are welcome to this workshop and no previous experience is needed. Participants may come as individuals or couples.

Special Offer: After the workshop it is possible to sign up for the Tantra Intensive Course and benefit from special reductions - 25% reduction for as many months as one wishes to pay in advance for.

The Tantra Intensive Course begins 18:e september kl 20.00 - 21.45

Tid & Plats
Tid: Torsdag 18:e september kl 20.00 – 21.45
Plats: Terrassen, Hälsans Hus, Fjällgatan 23 B, 11628 Stockholm.
Språk: Engelska
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