Power Polarity Yoga

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Advaita & Adina are gaining prominence now with their yogic energy workshop 'POWER POLARITY YOGA', which has already been featured at many of the recent spiritual festivals in Europe in amongst other places Copenhagen, Prague, Malmö and London.

'POWER POLARITY YOGA' is not explicitly for 'lovers' or 'couples' only, but for any couple, who wish to experience the profound effects of synergy and fusion in the heart through yoga practice. 'POWER POLARITY YOGA' consist of a carefully developed series of yoga positions performed in couples creating some simple, yet very beautiful and powerful yogic 'couple positions' or 'human acro-mandalas'.

The special yoga energy work in couples is also part of the TANTRA - INTENSIVE COURSE which starts in Stockholm September 2014.

Their intensive courses are used as source material in men's and women's groups around the world and considered as an important resource for spiritual transformation and sacred sexuality within many spiritual communities.

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