Interview with Advaitananda and Adina about Natha Yogacenter

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Interview about Natha
Advaita’s teachings are genius in their scope and content. Known internationally for his unique intensive courses and retreats on spiritual growth and sacred intimacy kept continuously around the planet, Advaita has engineered an exceptionally effective system of courses of transformative practices addressing authentic inner growth. His shared teachings are in concordance with the ancient millennia spiritual tradition and passed on to him through the guidance of his spiritual mentor Grieg belonging to the Maha Gupta Siddha Yoga school with roots in Kashmir Shivaism.

Advaita’s exceptional seminars and workshops encompass a broad range of topics, bringing in an adapted form the ancient teachings of Tantra and Yoga to the modern world. They are uniting these traditional spiritual sciences with the discoveries of modern science, providing an authentic yet accessible path for today’s individual.

Here is his and his wife Adinas story about Natha Yogacenter. About the challenges of running a spiritual school. How to survive the period of 2004 when MISA the Romanian school was attacked by the Romanian authorities. About the differences between the different yoga, tantra and meditation courses. The experiences being in Denmark as a Romanian couple working and growing together in the school, and much more.